My Published Work

This page is devoted to the works I have had published. It shall be updated regularly.


The Hobgoblin’s Herald – On the world of Guien, a poacher’s daughter in some nowhere village saves a hobgoblin from beneath a fallen tree. Now she is trapped following this creature and its war band of reviled outcasts and murderers as they try to navigate a human kingdom at war. A dark fantasy which twists the traditional tropes of High Fantasy into new and wicked forms.

Eater of Names – Book 2 of the Guien Sequence. Coming 2018

Short Stories:
Stone Mind’s Folly – The story of an artificial intelligence attempting to keep the frozen remnants of humanity alive during the slow trek across the cosmos.


Stone Mind’s Masters – The sequel to ‘Folly’, where humanity is finally woken, Stone Mind must face his punishment, and first contact with a non-human intelligence hangs on a knife edge.

Serialised Novels:

Gingerbread – View my novel on Jukepop Serials’ website, where you can read it for free there. It is a dark tale of a gingerbread man mercenary in an unforgiving world full of predatory monsters who’d like nothing more than to eat his crumbly crumb flesh. Please vote for it if you get a chance (and you enjoyed it). I’d be eternally grateful.

Stories in Anthologies:
‘Burrower’, in the flash ficiton anthology 100 Horrors

Riders in the Fog‘, from Dark Dispatches

The Angel of Solitude‘, published in A Fistful of Horrors

Unmarked‘, published in The Dark Wind’s Whispers

The Subliminal Reserves‘, published in Marching Time

Helzenthrax‘ and ‘The Drift Engine‘, published in Far Worlds

No Place of Honour‘, published in Wicked Women

‘For a Fistful of Diamonds’, published in The Good Fight

Upcoming Works:



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