The Eater of Names: Cover revealed!

Salutations again my friends!

Today is a great day. For several months I have been waiting eagerly to show the work in progress cover of Eater of Names, produced by the awesome Tabby Stirling (follow her on twitter @VoleQueen). Well, as a late Sunday treat, I’ve been allowed to show y’all a sneak peek what Tabby’s come up with:

Eater of Names cover sneak peek

Isn’t that neat?

This is not quite the final version, but I am delighted with what’s been produced.  In particular I love that there’s a continuity of style between this and Hobgoblin’s Herald; I could see them happily sharing a shelf together on any bookshelf (maybe yours?)

It’s also delightful to see different interpretations of Mallory depicted.

You may also catch my blurb on the back cover, giving a hint at what is to come for our intrepit and morally dubious heroes in the adventures to come.

Eater of Names will be released later this year, and I cannot wait for you all to read it.

If you haven’t had chance to pick up the first book in the Guien Sequence, The Hobgoblin’s Herald yet, it is available on amazon here and here.

For updates on Eater, be sure to keep an eye on the Fox Spirit Books site, as well as following them on twitter @FoxSpiritBooks


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