The Gift of Hadrborg: Politics and Conspiracy in the Banner Saga Universe.

e35cde2cde451a5f3cf42b3cb90cbdec167538e3Today, my good friend and fellow writer James Fadeley has his debut novel out today; the Gift of Hadrborg, a tie-in novel to the wildly successful kickstarter for the computer game The Banner Saga 2. This is a norse-flavoured fantasy setting involving a world where the sun is frozen in the sky, and the frigid land is populated by savage humans and immortal giants with great horns known as Varl.

I am in a unique position here, as though the novel has only dropped today, I have been involved from the early draft stages as a beta reader, so I have had a chance to read the novel from start to finish, from conception to the final copy sent off to the publishers.

I do not play many computer games. Indeed, I had not heard of the Banner Saga until James showed me his work. I consider it a testament to the quality of his writing that I was fully absorbed by the setting he presented in prose, without having the prior contextual grounding in the game world. This novel works on several levels; as a newcomer to the setting, I was enthralled by the characters and the charisma between Olaf the Varl and his human charge Stefnir. A veteran of the games will no doubt find deeper meaning with the references Fadeley makes to the wider game world, which are neat for the fans but non-essential for the rest of us.

The action is brutal and calculated, and feels authentic in its vivid vitality.

I don’t wish to get into spoilers her,e but rest assured if you should buy this you will not be disappointed.

For more information, visit Fadeley’s own blog here.

Also make sure to bother Fadeley at PAX East, in Boston on April 22-24, where he will be doing signings.

~ by lordlucan1 on April 15, 2016.

One Response to “The Gift of Hadrborg: Politics and Conspiracy in the Banner Saga Universe.”

  1. Just finished reading your Age of Dusk series. Send me an email at, I’d like to discuss some of the interesting concepts you touched upon there.

    Talk to you soon,

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